Bike Fit

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on your first road bike, or if you are a seasoned rider perfecting your position on your dream custom build, nothing is more important than being comfortable and efficient, and as such we want to ensure your set up is perfect.

With over 10 years experince in the UK and Australia, we offer a complete bike fit service to ensure you’re in the most comfortable, performance maximising position.

Our fitting service starts with finding out about you, how you ride, where you ride and generally what sort of distances you ride, and what your goals are. We also take into consideration any injuries or problems that may affect your riding experience.

We take a wholistic approach to bike fitting, as there is much more to it than simply how you sit on a bike.  As such we will work with you on technique and riding style, and can suggest training regimes to help you hit your goals.

We also have partners who can assist with physio, massage, and strengthening.

Prices start at £80 (excluding parts)