Custom Build – Cinelli Experience


The Cinelli you see here was built to show what can be done when you use a top quality alloy frame as a basis for a custom build.  It’s a no holds barred build with top quality components throughout.

We wanted to show you that there are options beyond the world of carbon frames, and that if you choose your components wisely, you will still end up with a light weight, comfortable, and fast machine.

The Experience can be bought as a frameset for just £450, and you can build it up any way you fancy.  Cinelli positions it as a bit of a winter trainer with it’s capability to run 28c tyres, yet this frame will happily build up to something super exotic, ready to mix it with the so-called big boys.  Trust me, since we started building this bike, we have actually had more interest in it than any other carbon frame, and that’s before we even get discussing prices.  It could be the paint finish, or it could be its classic good looks, but either way, it is one good looking bike.

We pushed the boat out and decided to run a full Dura-Ace groupset (except for the pink and black KMC chain).  We could have run Ultegra, but the marginal improvements you get from DA make it just that bit sweeter.  We then had our friend Drew over at Spin Industries build up a pair of his infamous DM8 carbon clinchers.  These aren’t just any DM8s, but the very first pair to land in the UK with a 58mm depth and a massive 28mm width!  They’re laced together with polished Sapim CX-Rays and Drews own hubs which sound something like psychotic bees.  Matched with Vittoria’s new Corsa G+ 25c tyres, this is one of the fastest wheel tyre combos you can buy. We’re not just talking for the money here either.  They retail at £1,050 for the pair, but they will outperform wheels twice their price.

We didn’t go completely mad on the cockpit and kept costs in check with a Deda Zero100 bar and stem combo, and a full carbon Superzero seatpost.  That was topped with an Astute saddle with carbon rails and an on-theme white shell.   We also managed to secure a limited edition pink K-Edge Garmin mount from Australia.  There are only about 330 of these in the world!

Total weight for this build is bang on 7.6kg, ready to ride.  If low weights are your goal, you could easily lose several hundred grammes buy swapping to a low profile wheel setup, but to be honest, this bike is so fast as it is, why bother?  It’s even rather comforatble.  Yes it is an alloy frame and it does present some of those characteristics, but it’s by no means harsh.  This is a quick frame loaded with character, and with the ability to fit wider tyres at lower pressures, will ensure you have a comfortable day in the saddle.

I guess the other important factor is price.  Our aim from the outset was to build a top tier bike for less than £3k, and as you see it here, you will still have change from that budget.  There’s no disputing that that is still a lot of money, but you do end up with a Dura-Ace euipped bike with deep section carbon clinchers and top level finishing kit.  This bike wants for nothing!


And that is the beauty of this frame and the whole custom build process.  You can build it up with Sora and left over bits and have a wonderful all purpose bike for well under a grand that looks better than anything else at that price.  You can build it with Ultegra and Mavic Ksyrium Elites and you have an amazing bike for around £1,800.  It’s just so versatile and it just the sort of thing we love at Joyride.




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