Custom Build – Sarto Dinamica


Building bikes for people is one of the most satisfying parts of my job.  During all the planning and discussions, the customer and I get to know each other rather well, so I always want to make sure that what we create exceeds their expectations.  Every build becomes personal.

When you start to consider frames like Sarto, the process is taken to an entirely new level, as the frame geometry is designed around specific customer requirements.  This is no Brand-X, off-the-peg, Size Medium you make do with by fitting a longer stem.  This is the Saville Row of the bike world, and it’s OK if you don’t get it.

Like all of Sarto’s frames, the Dinamica you see here was hand crafted in Venice, Italy, and whilst the customer wanted a fairly subtle overall appearance, the decision to go for a gloss clear coat highlights the impeccable deatils of the frame – don’t worry though, if gloss isn’t your thing, matte is always an option.

Staying with the bespoke theme, Drew from Spin Industries was enlisted to build a pair of his infamous Dark Energy DMX440s with subtle gloss black decals.  These wheels perform like nothing else on the market and the Dark Energy name is keeping in them with the attitude of this build.

The ubiquitious Deda Zero100 bar and stem combo is tried and tested in the pro-peloton, and the Ultegra 6800 groupset will ensure faultless running for years to come.

This is a timeless build that lets the craftsmanship speak for itself.  It could easily fly under the radar in a group ride, but parked up at the cafe after a long ride, it will stand head and shoulders above anything else your mates have brought out to play.

Complete custom Dinamica framesets start at £3,050.





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