Pontefract May 2014 (2)

Brent gets two gongs.  The first one is that he was our very first Fondriest TF3 customer – a frame that we made legendary – and the second is that he completes more sportives than anyone else we know.

Seriously, Brent is always out riding, all over the country.  If there was a way to become a professional sportive rider then we’re sure he’s the man to find a way!

Brent’s enthusiasm for all things cycling is unrivaled.  He just loves it all!

How many bikes do you own?
3 in total. A Fondriest TF3 1.2, A Pinarello Dogma 60.1 and a Felt 9 Sixty 29er.

What is your favourite thing about cycling?
Fantastic bikes from Joyride Cycles, getting fitter than ever before after 50 years old, fresh air from cycling around the countryside and the challenges of some hills when, like me, you are 90kg’s.

Favourite cycling route?
Chappelle aux Fitzmielles to Fougeres round trip in Brittany, France. Back home it’s anywhere in North Yorkshire.

Best cycling moment?
Completing the Wiggle French Revolution sportive in Calais in under 4 hours (59 miles) including the ascent of Mont D’Hubert. Not long but for me 1.5km of hell.

Worst cycling moment?
1st ever sportive in 2012 in Pontefract when failed to unclip at a roundabout with about 20 riders and 5 or 6 cars watching me come to a halt and just fall over.

Tea or coffee?
Tea first thing in a morning but coffee on bike rides.

Huntingdon 006


One response to “Brent

  1. Great to see someone enjoy cycling. That Mont D’Hubert. Is an awesome little clmb one of the best I’ve done. Keep up the good work on the bike

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