Anne is one of the toughest riders we know.  She will have a crack at any discipline and will be be awesome at it. Dismiss her small stature at your own peril because there’s a very  a good chance she will destroy you! But don’t worry, she’ll keep you laughing the whole time and her enthusiasm is infectious.

We have built Anne a Fondriest Tf3, Ultegra, and a whippet-like Kinesis Athein. When she isn’t out chewing up the Northamptonshire country side you can find her killing it trackside at Derby velodrome.

How many bikes do you own?
5 Bikes

What is your favourite thing about cycling?
The personal challenge.

Favourite cycling route?
Edge Hill, Sunrising Hill & Lady Elizabeth hilly route.

Best cycling moment?
Completing my first century.

Worst cycling moment?
Puncturing during the national 100TT.

Tea or coffee?
Black and strong!







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