One of the most satisfying parts of our job is seeing our friends and customers grow and progress on the bike.  We know that everyone has their own personal commitments outside of cycling so it’s always hard to compare your progress with other people.  We’re fortunate that we get to see it from a detached perspective.

Over the years we have seen Stu steadily progress to the point that next year he will be tackling L’Etape du Tour.  He’s quick and committed on the bike so we have no doubt he’ll succeed!

How many bikes do you own?

I own 4 Bikes, Dedacciai Nerissimo, Felt f85, Raleigh Quasar (1980s memory from my teens), and a Trek hybrid.

What is your favourite thing about cycling?
The personal challenge, setting and achieving goals.

Favourite cycling route?
50mile Edghilll and back down Sunrise hill loop, great views, good hills and good roads.

Best cycling moment?
Completing my first 100miler at the Eden Classic, and yet to come at the 2016 Etape du Tour.

Worst cycling moment?
Catching a kerb on a group ride on a perfectly straight piece of road and falling head first into some stingers. What a muppet!

Tea or coffee?
Coffee before, tea after.

velo 15.07.49


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