Justin – Owner of Joyride Cycles


I’m the owner of Joyride Cycles and token Aussie in the British countryside.  I’ve been in the UK for 8 years now, but started riding fairly seriously in my mid-teens.

I’ve been spoiled/fortunate in that I learned most of my craft (both on the bike, and mechanically) from an ex-pro who is currently a Masters World Champion on the track. Over the years I have worked with, observed, and ridden with people who have dominated the sport in various disciplines at both national and international level.  I owe a lot to these people, but it’s definitely a sport/industry where you are constantly learning and evolving.


How many bikes do you own?
Four at the moment:  2015 Custom Orbea Orca; 2013 All-City Mr Pink; Rigid SS 29er in steel; 2003 Carrera Podium (not the rubbish stuff Halfords sells); 2009 Morewood Shova (currently only a frame)

friday night XC racing_090514_img0323-X2

What is your favourite thing about cycling?
Probably the products.  I love the products.  I don’t have to have all the lastest techy stuff as I’m not always in to what ever the current fad is. Nat always says I like planning and building bikes more than I do riding them!  It’s easy to throw money at bikes, but I love going in to the detail and getting the best value for money no matter the budget.  It helps me to be able to build the best possible bikes for my customers.


Favourite cycling route?
This is a tough one, but I would have to say that riding in the Pyrenees is the best riding I’ve done to date.  Riding on the Continent is like nothing else.  My favourite climb is probably the Col d’Aspin from the South.  It’s not super long, but the views are amazing both on the way up, and from the top.  Descending it the same way is awesome!


Best cycling moment?
It would have to be watching Nat complete her first E’tape du Tour this year, which was also one of the toughest stages in near 40 degree heat.  I know this isn’t necessarily mine, but to be there and see her do that after only a couple of years of road riding made me pretty proud. She’s such an inspiration .


Worst cycling moment?
I have 2 equally bad ones.
1. Breaking my elbow on a main street in the Sydney city centre. And then riding home.  And then to work for the next week.  In hinsdsight I should have gone to the doctor sooner!
2. Breaking my collarbone in the Andorran Pyrenees and then having to drive all the way back to the UK because Nat didn’t have her license at the time.
All said though, you’re not a true cyclist until you’ve had a proper off!


Tea or coffee?
Do you really need to ask?  I only wish you could get decent coffee in the UK.  It is getting better though!



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