Becky & Dan


Couples who ride together, stay together!

How many bikes do you own?
Dan – 4 (2 road, 2 mtb).
Becky – 2

What is your favourite thing about cycling?
Dan – Getting to see some amazing scenery and places I wouldn’t usually see all using human power. Plus fitness.
Becky – Socialising.

Favourite cycling route?
Dan – Anything with a tail wind all the way round.
Becky – Northamptonshire villages

Best cycling moment?
Dan – Completing my first century ride in the summer of 2015 at a sportive down in Hampshire.
Becky – Getting my first proper road bike after having ridden the club loan bike for 6 months.

Worst cycling moment?
Dan – Solo ride out to Stowe school and bonking over 20 miles from home and having to ride back alone, absolutely shattered.
Becky – Falling out with Dan on rides.

Tea or coffee?
Dan – Sadly tea even though it goes against what a cyclist should have.
Becky – Tea



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